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The orgeltramp has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Ski Association and Lier Plast AS.


Can be delivered in the following colours  red, blue, yellow, green and black


Combine with jumps, fill with snow, and you have a complete skiing playground.


The steps are easy to move inside when not in use. You can pull them behind on a scooter or use a trailer.


We have made a 30 mm hole on each side of the tread so that a plug can be driven in so that the tread lies quietly in the snow.


For use outside the winter season, there is an aluminum coating for use with roller skis. These are easily assembled and disassembled using the supplied fasteners. 


Dimensions (LHB): 2400x 260* x 240mm

Weight about 15 kg

* The edge at the top of the tread
Call us for more information and delivery time

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