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Orgeltramp, Hopp, beachflag

A little about us

Explore, Learn, Laugh: Our path to learning and mastery with fun along the way!

​Fun2Skills is a newly started business area under Lier Plast, known for its long-term supply of cabinets to the Norwegian maritime industry and the oil and gas sector.


We were created through a collaboration with the Norwegian Ski Association, which resulted in over 1,500 play-based ski products delivered to Norwegian ski clubs.


With demand from Sweden and Switzerland and ambitions for international growth, it was time to organize Fun2Skills as an independent entity under Lier Plast.

Fun2Skills is on its way to becoming a leading player in activity products for children and young people. Hence our name which combines fun with skill. By combining product quality, international expansion and strong dealer relationships, the aim is to offer meaningful and developing experiences for children and young people on a global basis.

- Fun2Skills

Planning and drawing

Første Tegninger for Hopp


We sat down, drew, and planned how we could create products with children in focus. After many ideas and discussions, we settled on a design that is not only sustainable but also easy to use.

First prototype

Første Prototype for Hopp
Første prototype for orgeltramp


With a friendly push from the Norwegian Ski Federation and a spark to create something new, we welded our first prototypes in 2021. The rest is history.

Hovedlandsrennet - Holmenkollen

To hopp i Holmenkollen


We worked hard to get our first products out on the market, and the launch took place during the prestigious Hovedlandsrennet in Holmenkollen. It was evident that these products performed as they should.


We want everyone to be able to refine their skills on the same arena, so why not take the venture across the border to our neighboring country, Sweden!

First set sent to Sweden

Hopp for det Svenske skiforbundet, rulles ut.

Multiple use cases


We quickly realized that our products not only fit what they were originally designed for. So, we took a break and asked ourselves: What else can this be used for? After some development, we decided to try it out in a skatepark - and it was a success!

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